There are many planting companies out there, so why work with us at Next Generation?

Tree Planting Family

You will enjoy working with Next Gen if you are looking for a family feel, and if you like the idea of living outdoors. We work mainly from bush camps with great food and amenities, creating a tight-knit, inclusive vibe.


Next Gen is committed to safe practices and continual improvement therein. Next Gen also strives to ensure we are following all current applicable OH&S and Labor law regulations and guidelines – this includes a comprehensive Workplace Bullying and Harassment Policy, minimum wage top ups and up-to-date safety practices. Everyone undergoes orientation and training appropriate for their level of entry to ensure safe practices, rights and policies are known and followed.

Through meetings, conversations and feedback surveys, we ensure that all people who work with Next Gen have a voice and the ability to address any areas of concern and effect change in policy moving forward.

Partnership with Total Physio

An excellent physiotherapy office out of Smithers, BC, Total Physio is revolutionizing how planters deal with injury. The team at Total Physio has studied planting, its biomechanics and the etiology of its injuries. They have put together wonderful materials on how best to prepare for planting, effective and realistic ergonomics to prevent injuries and how to tape for both relative-rest and prevention of injury. A paragraph is not enough to describe the amazing work they are doing in silvicuture.

Next Gen is partnered with Total Physio. In this, we are able to provide  planters with pre-season materials to prepare for the season. Our first aiders are armed with game-changing taping techniques. Finally, this partnership allows for the ability to Skype in and consult with the physios in office to facilitate accurate diagnoses of problems and accelerate return to full fitness.

Pre-season preparedness will be an emphasis moving into the 2020 season.


Next Gen is known in the industry for its food. We have some of the best cooks around, generous amounts and wonderful flavors. Check out our instagram or the photo gallery to get an idea of what there is to offer.

2019 saw the elimination of Camp Cost across our company. The food remained fantastic and our food budget remains among the highest in the industry.

For the Veteran Planter

Next Gen offers experienced and effective uncommissioned staff members who will ensure you have ample land and opportunity in a respectful environment. Across the company, our staff averages 13 years of experience across 18 staff members – this is experience as field staff, apart from planting. Our tree prices are competitive and our ground fast. Next Gen offers wholesome and gourmet food – check out our instagram for some mouthwatering media. At Next Gen, you will find a season longer than most, toping out at 76 working days in 2019. A long season provides a more stable source of income for your off-season pursuits.

See Who We Are to meet key personnel.

For the New Planter

Next Gen is a respectful and effective place to learn. In 2020 we will be honing in our coaching strategies to get you planting and maintain your well-being. We will be there along side you the whole way. All of your training hours will be compensated and individual time will be spent with new recruits to enhance your learning.

Please see the What is Tree Planting Anyways? page to get a better handle of what your first year will be like and some of the standards you will need to meet.

Also, check out Emma’s blog about her first year experience with Next Gen in the 2018 season. Its a great snapshot of a season, from the highs, lows and rather spot on advice.

Tree planting – rookie year Blog

Two quotes from Emma:
“Well I had such an incredible experience and rookie year out digging holes in the dirt planting lots of wee pine and spruce trees. Weirdly enough I actually quite loved it, which you don’t often hear from planters.”

“The people–you are surrounded by a variety of incredible humans! Everyone from the planters to the foreman, and camp cooks are amazing. It’s a unique group of quirky, fun, chill, wild, hippie, strong, happy (most of the time) people. I met some rad humans and made a lots of great friends which made my experience that much better. There are people from all walks of life that all come together and plant trees.”

No Camp Cost 

No camp cost? No camp cost.

2019 was a historical year. For the decades that tree planting has been around, so too have camp costs – a daily deduction from wages to cover the cost of food and those who cook it. Finally, with a push from planters and the industry as a whole, they are going the way of the do-do bird. This will align planting with all other remote-based industries – a huge step for everyone in silvicuture.

Elimination of camp cost is will keep thousands of dollars in the pockets of planters and staff alike – amounting to over $ 2000 in an average season.

Prices rose in the 2019 season, and Next Gen’s wages are competitive with industry earnings.

Incentives for Returning Planters

Planters who have worked with Next Gen in the the past and are returning for the 2020 season will receive a one cent per tree loyalty bonus above our base price.

In order to be eligible,  you must start planting with us within the first week of our start date.

Some Fine Print – to be up front

Layoffs – contracts in 2019 will specify a beginning and end date of our contracts. This will most likely be from the first day of work to a date, to be determined, to a date, also to be determined, in the first week of August.

Probation period – planters will begin the season with a three week probationary period.

Camp Cost will be charged when not planting on a planting day.

Vacation and Statutory Holiday Pay is calculated on top base tree price – this means a 12 cent tree is a 12 cent tree with 4% and Stat pay paid in addition and separately, coming to 12.48 cents plus Stat. Vacation pay is 4% of tree earnings, where as Statutory Holiday Pay is calculate as regular Stat pay as determined by the province