Family Ownership

Next Gen is run by the Sheepwash – Newhook family and has been since Gord and Cathy set up shop in 1984. Our crews and company as a whole have a welcoming family vibe.


We have camps instead of crews

Many planting companies are organized in smaller crew units, six or ten packs run by one foreman, however Next Gen does not have fixed crews. We do our best to have full days and use our people and available trees to maximize productivity and efficiency. This also means that as a planter you will work with many field staff, providing varied perspectives and breaking a little of what can be a slightly monotonous job.

Highly Experienced Staff

Many of Next Gen’s staff have been working together for years. Across 18 key staff members there is an average of 13 years experience running blocks and crews.

Our Project Managers

William Sheepwash –

Will has been a supervisor with Next Gen since 2009 and has been around tree planting all of his life. Will enjoys the challenges that come with being a camp supervisor and how it gives him the opportunity to meet and work with many interesting people.

In his off season Will is a father who enjoys playing hockey, back country skiing and challenging himself with various strength and condition methods.

Will runs his camp with the help of Assistant PM and wife, Caitlin Burge, with Next Gen since 2007.

Dominic Blais –

Dominic has been a Project Manager for 15 years with Next Gen and has been involved in planting for 21 seasons. As a manager Dom is passionately organized, and runs an impressively tight ship. In the off season, Dominic works for CMH and enjoys ski touring around the Kootenays. Charlie, his dog, has the most wonderfully floppy ears.

Dom runs his camp with the help of Assistant PM, Sarada Newhook. Sarada started working as staff in 2012 and has been with Next Gen her whole life.

Crystal Allen-

Crystal has been with Next gen for 19 years. A boss, she began her planting career at 16 with her home town contract, Rocky Wood Preservers, in Rocky Mountain House, Alberta. Crystal has a wicked sense of humor and will help you to maintain your cool through the tough season. Crystal resides on the banks of the North Saskatchewan River outside of Rocky.

Lawrence Fraser

Lawrence started with Next Gen 25 years ago and is still going strong. A native of Cape Breton, Lawrence is now at home in Rockies west of Calgary. He and his wife and co-project manager, Krishanda,  have a simply impressive work ethic. This dynamic duo has the longest running camp at Next Gen and make the arduous task of running a planting camp look easy.

Krishanda Zimmer –

Krishanda is Lawrence’s wife and partner in crime. She started with NGR as an
assistant cook in 1993, and since then has worked in every position that a crew has to offer. Kris makes sure her camp runs smoothly, takes care of the paperwork, trains greeners in the spring and then checks the rest the season. What Kris loves most about planting, she also sometimes hates; just how freaking challenging it constantly is.  Her passion is rock climbing, and although the working season cuts into Canadian climbing season, her and Lawrence make time to travel to climbing destinations in the winter.