Happy Spring!

March 21, 2019

Happy first day of Spring!

Well, March 21st you are here already. It looks like March has indeed come in like a lion and is heading out like a lamb. Temperatures are looking to remain in the positive in the short term forecast.

We will have a more solid start date prediction in just over a week, on April 1st. Please hold off on booking travel until that time.

If you’re working with us this season, ensure to go through the TotalPhysio resources – especially the pre-season screening tool. Ask your PM if you have not received the pre-season video.

If you are a first year planter – start checking off the Tools and Planting Equipment Checklist as well. For the veteran planter, it is also worth a gander!

New for 2019 equipment:

– headphones are no longer acceptable on the block, if you’d like music a speaker is a must.

– Tuperware is required for two reasons. One is we will not have baggies in the company. You could provide your own, but tupperware is arguably a better idea. Get ready to keep them clean! Second, we will no longer provide single serve yogurts. There will be a large bowl of delicious yogurt readily available for you to fill your container(s) with.

– Bulk sugary juice will be less available this year (think blue juice in the big gatorade containers). If this is a crucial for your planting prowess, plan ahead and bring some juice crystals along.

Birds chirping, smells of mud, blossoms – enjoy the signs of spring!


T-shirts, get your T-shirts here

January 16, 2019

After a prolonged hiatus, the Next Gen Store is up and running!

Check it out

Also, excitingly the website is ready for us to send out 2019 hire packages. Watch your email for those. From the link sent you will be able to fill out this year’s tax forms and complete online orientation and quizzes.

There is some new material on the What is Treeplanting page to check out: both a sweet planting compilation made by Ting Von B, circa 2010, and a somewhat funny animation of land management.

The camping equipment list has been revamped.

We still have a few spots to fill, so there is still time to complete and application form

That’s all for now, cheers.

Happy New Years

January 2, 2019

Happy New Years!

Hope this year bring joy your way.

We are starting to ramp up for the 2019 season. All crews are are actively interviewing and things are coming together. We’re excited for the familiar faces to return and to meet the new ones joining on.

New on the website:

If you have been hired, keep an eye on your email. You’ll soon receive some key off-season exercises and advice to get into planting shape, provided by Total Physio.

If you are thinking about working with us this season, shoot us an application. It is a quick and painless form and we can answer any questions you may have and see if we’re a good fit from there.

Good luck with those resolutions!

Goodbye Camp Costs

November 26, 2018

We are excited to say that 2019 will see the beginning of the end of camp costs.

With the push from planters and the industry as a whole, we have been able to work with our clients and can commit to eliminating camp costs for the 2019 season!

This is huge on two levels: it is great for our individual employees who will see an additional $2000 in their pockets at the end of the season; and as an industry, tree planting is finally aligned with all other remote-based industries where room and board is provided.

Next Gen is happy to be one of the first companies to be able to commit to no camp costs.

Incentives for returning planters

November 26, 2018

Planters who have worked with us in the the past and are returning for the 2019 season will receive a one cent per tree loyalty bonus above our base price. However in order to be eligible for the bonus you must start planting with us within the first week of our start date.

So, you ask:

“If I worked with Next Gen for three weeks two seasons ago, and come back for the full 2019 season, do I receive the 1 cent bonus?”

Yes, yes you do.

“If I have 5 years experience, would I receive the extra cent?”

If any of those years were with Next Gen, yes! However if not, no, but stick with us and the next year: yes! We’re hoping to encourage a higher return rate and prevent attrition; not necessarily poach planters.

“If I was a first year planter with Next Gen last year do I qualify?”


2019 Season

November 25, 2018

We are in the process of organizing our 2019 season. We are expecting a May 1st start with over 70 days of planting. Our main clients are on board to help us eliminate camp cost for all employees. If you are interested in tree planting this is a great time to apply and see if it is for you. If you are an experienced planter please see our why work with us page and see why Next Gen may be a good fit with for you.

We have four great camps: Will, Dom, Crystal and Lawrence. They are all currently accepting applications from new and experienced planters.

July work

June 10, 2018

Hello fellow tree planters,

We’re looking to round out a couple crews early July. We’re hoping to hear from Eastern planters who are finishing up contracts (Manitoba, Sk, Ont). We work in northern Alberta Hinton, Slave Lake, Peace River areas. Tree prices will range mainly between .10-.14. Work to the end of July and potentially the first week of August depending on schedule.