This page is a collection of articles, videos and blogs to familiarize yourself with planting  or get to know Next Gen a little better.

Meet the ‘Industrial Athletes’ who Replant Alberta’s Forests

Meet the Industrial Athletes who replant Alberta

An Edmonton Journal article from 2015, is a piece resultant from a visit to Laurence’s crew. There is a little explanation of the reforestation industry and some narrative of the day-to-day of a couple planters. A favorite quote from this article is from Krishanda, explaining how she feels about her planting career in perspective:

“I didn’t think I was a lifer,” she said, laughing, “but here I am. I just enjoyed it so much, year after year. It went well with my lifestyle.

“Eventually one day I woke up and I was 22 years into it.”


Tree Planting – Rookie Year

Tree Planting- Rookie year

A blog by Emma, a first year planter from the 2018 season. Emma does a nice job of recapping her first year: the good, bad and the ugly. She has some accurate insights to the perks and drawbacks of planting as well as some solid simple advice for those new to planting. Thanks for sharing Emma!

Tree Planting Adventures – NGR 2017 

A video compilation from a planter chronicling his Adventures on Will’s crew in 2017. Thanks to Paul for putting it together – hope you’re having wonderful travelling adventures now. Highlights include throwing rocks from a rather high cutbank into a garbage can in a gravel pit; delicious food; and, flaming hoola hoops. Ah, there’s some planting too.

Drone Footage; Nice Planting

Thanks Connor!

The Ultimate Tree Planting Shovel

Published in 2013 in Silviculture Magazine, this is a piece from recently retired, Ting Von Bezhold, describing his beautiful epitome of a planting shovel. A piece of art, crafted over months with a craft knife maker on Salt Spring Island. The result is beautiful and is a thing of planter dreams.

Worlds Toughest Jobs – Season 1 Episode 6 – Canadian Forestry 

A BBC reality show, three people from various walks of life in England come to Canada to give tree planting a shot. The result is fairly accurate and gives a decent idea of camp life and the solo work day. Worth a watch for those contemplating planting trees for the first time.

Hall of Fame – Gord Sheepwash and Cathy Newhook 

Hall of Fame > Gord Sheepwash and Cathy Newhook

A short bit about Gord and Cathy on’s Hall of Fame.