Planters who have worked with us in the the past and are returning for the 2019 season will receive a one cent per tree loyalty bonus above our base price. However in order to be eligible for the bonus you must start planting with us within the first week of our start date.

So, you ask:

“If I worked with Next Gen for three weeks two seasons ago, and come back for the full 2019 season, do I receive the 1 cent bonus?”

Yes, yes you do.

“If I have 5 years experience, would I receive the extra cent?”

If any of those years were with Next Gen, yes! However if not, no, but stick with us and the next year: yes! We’re hoping to encourage a higher return rate and prevent attrition; not necessarily poach planters.

“If I was a first year planter with Next Gen last year do I qualify?”