Happy first day of Spring!

Well, March 21st you are here already. It looks like March has indeed come in like a lion and is heading out like a lamb. Temperatures are looking to remain in the positive in the short term forecast.

We will have a more solid start date prediction in just over a week, on April 1st. Please hold off on booking travel until that time.

If you’re working with us this season, ensure to go through the TotalPhysio resources – especially the pre-season screening tool. Ask your PM if you have not received the pre-season video.

If you are a first year planter – start checking off the Tools and Planting Equipment Checklist as well. For the veteran planter, it is also worth a gander!

New for 2019 equipment:

– headphones are no longer acceptable on the block, if you’d like music a speaker is a must.

– Tuperware is required for two reasons. One is we will not have baggies in the company. You could provide your own, but tupperware is arguably a better idea. Get ready to keep them clean! Second, we will no longer provide single serve yogurts. There will be a large bowl of delicious yogurt readily available for you to fill your container(s) with.

– Bulk sugary juice will be less available this year (think blue juice in the big gatorade containers). If this is a crucial for your planting prowess, plan ahead and bring some juice crystals along.

Birds chirping, smells of mud, blossoms – enjoy the signs of spring!